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Kohanto reviews Dragon Valor (PS)

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Kohanto said...

It was a struggle granting Dragon Valor either 3 or 4 starts. The game has all the means of being incredible. Interesting offsping system, in which you play as your child at the end of a chapter, epic bossfights against dragons at the end of each of the heroes chapter's, hack and slash gameplay, and a pleasing setting. However, what I'm torn about is that things just weren't.. Implimented as well as I would have liked. Character models are colored differently and called someone or something else, the combo system is very limited, platforming is a pain in the ass, puzzles are stupidly easy and most of the time just a nuisance do to fact they are mindnumingly dull. I am not particularly fond of the character models either, though the main character usually tends to be good looking of course. Dragon Valor is not a bad game, but with a little more work from a company that I do applaud, this game would be exceptional. So, 3 stars for Dragon Valor. Buy it? Maybe. At this day and age, your better off torrenting unless you are an avid collector such as myself.

Game Traits applied to Dragon Valor (PS) by Kohanto

  • The Setting:
    Medieval fantasy
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Dragon Valor

Dragon Valor (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 15/OCT/00
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